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The College Cultural Association aims at developing aesthetic sensibilities, creativity, character and temperament, positivity, enthusiasm, and soft skills such as organisation and management abilities in the students. When engaged in such activities, students learn life skills. These activities are avenues for socialisation. Students learn self-identification, and self-assessment, and understand that in the long run it is these skills that matter more than trophies and medals. The Cultural Association scored a great many triumphs again in the year 2014-15. Under the guidance of the Cultural Association faculty members and the enthusiastic support of the student volunteers, the participants won many prestigious prizes in various competitions and festivals. The following is a summary of the year's activities and achievements:
  Indian People’s Theatre Association (IPTA) :

Congratulations to our students Appa Sawant and Shubham Dabholkar for being awarded Certificates of Merit for their performance in the play Waiting for Godot, at the 45th Inter-Collegiate Drama Competition organised by the Indian People’s Theatre Association (IPTA), on September 29, 2016.

   Our students participated in 12 events at the  University of Mumbai's 47th Youth Festival, and qualified for Finals in the following 5 events –
  • Western Instrumental – 1st prize
  • Classical Solo Dance – 3rd prize
  • Mime – 1st prize
  • Group Song – 1st prize
  • Hindi One-Act Play – 3rd prize

The noteworthy achievements in the Finals of the Youth Festival were:

  • 1st  prize – Western Instrumental – Karan Chitra Deshmukh.
  • 3rd prize – ‘Artificial Intelligence’ – Hindi one-act play directed by Ajit Sawant.
  • Consolation prize Best Actor (Male) – Prathamesh Cheulkar & Shashank Jadhav
  • Selection in Mumbai University – Tejas Karkar

  INT [Indian National Theatre]

The College entry for this Marathi One-Act Play Competition was titled ‘In the Pursuit of Family’, directed by Aniket More and written by Vivek Kadam.
The following individual prizes were won:

  • Shashank Jadhav -  3rd prize Best Actor (Male)
  • Aishwarya Tapadia – Consolation Prize Best Actor (Female)

  IPTA [Indian People's Theatre Association]

The College entry for this Hindi One-Act Play Competition was titled ‘Artificial Intelligence’. This play was one of the five finalists. IPTA is considered to be the best platform for showcasing the histrionic abilities of college students. Ms. Maithilee Modak was awarded the Consolation Prize for her performance.


The 5th year of Spandan, the Inter-collegiate Marathi One-Act Play Competition, was once again a great success. This year the Competition achieved a State-level status with colleges from Pune, Shirur, Mahad, Alibaugh, and Ratnagiri participating, along with those from Mumbai.
The Elimination Rounds for Spandan were held on December 12, 13 and 14, 2015, in the College Auditorium. A total of 18 colleges participated, and were judged by Mr. Dnyaneshwar Margajj and Mr. Anil Gawas.
The 5 colleges were shortlisted for the Finals were:
1. Ruia
2. Kirti college
3. Joshi Bedekar
5. Gogte Joglekar

The Finals were held on January 13, 2015, at Dinanath Natyamandir, Vile Parle (E). The judges for the Finals were Mr. Pramod Pawar, Ms. Madhavi Gogate, and Mr. Amol Shetge. The event was inaugurated by actor Sunil Barve and the Chief Guest was actor Mangesh Kadam.

The winners were:
1. Nanaitik  - Ruia
2. Does Not Exist - Kirti
3. Punarjanm - Joshi Bedekar


Students participated enthusiastically in the following 'Days' which were planned for December 2014: 

  • 10 December – Red Day
  • 15 December – Traditional day
  • 16 December – Twins Day, Chocolate Day
  • 17 December – Bollywood Day, Gunday
  • 18 December – Superhero Day
  • 20 December – Accessories Day, Mismatch Day
  • 24 December – Saree Day, Rose Day


The one-act play ‘Exit’, directed by student director Kishor Rawool, participated in ‘Lokankika’ organized by Loksatta Daily, at Ravindra Natya Mandir, as well as in Sydenham College. The performances were highly-appreciated by the judges.


        Street plays directed by the student director Kishor Rawool were entered in and won many prizes in the following competitions:
1. T.P. Bhatia – 1st prize
2. Reena Mehta College – 2nd prize
3. Channel [V] Competition – Qualified till Elims
4. Chembur Fest – Qualified till Elims

  Personal Achievements

  • Karan Chitra Deshmukh – 47th Youth Festival University of Mumbai – 1st prize

  • Tejas Karkar
    1. Selected in team of University of  Mumbai
    2. Marathi One Act Play (State-level) – 1st prize
    3. Folk Orchestra – (State-level) – 2nd prize

  • Shashank Jadhav
    • INT – 3rd prize, Best Actor (Male)

  • Aishwarya Tapadia
    1. Mono Acting, St. Xavier’s College – 2nd prize
    2. Classical Solo Dance, Vaze Kelkar – 1st prize

  • Maithilee Modak
    • IPTA – Consolation Prize, Best Actor (Female)

  • Prathamesh Cheulkar
    1. State-level ‘Rangakarmi Karandak’ Mono Acting Competiton – 3rd prize
    2. Amhi Saare Vasai Mono Acting Competition – Consolation prize
    3. Vaze Kelkar Mono Acting Competition – 2nd prize
    4. Ideal Jallosh Mono Acting Competition – 3rd prize
    5. KES Mono Acting Competition – 1st prize
    6. KES Mimicry Competition – 2nd prize
    7. St. Xavier’s  Mono Acting Competition – 1st prize
    8. Swastik State-level Mono Acting Competition – 3rd prize
    9. Chembur Fest Mono Acting Competition -  2nd prize
    10. T. P. Bhatia College Street Play Competition – 1st prize
    11. Reena Mehta College Street Play Competition – 2nd prize
    12. Mediatainment Fashion Show – 1st prize

  • Vishal Sonawane (and his dance group)
    1. Universal Intercollegiate Competition, Mumbai – 1st prize
    2. JUNOON, Patkar-Varde College – 2nd prize
    3. Solo dancing, Sanskardham College – 1st prize
    4. Rashtravaadi Competition – 1st prize

  • Suraj Kamble – Best Cultural Volunteer


The College Annual Day was celebrated on December 21, 2015, at the A. B. Goregaonkar school grounds. The event showcased the talents of the students in singing and dancing. Students who had special achievements in extension activities were felicitated.