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  Sports Achievements - Dept of BAF
Mr. Saahil Javkar Table tennis Nagindaskhandwala College
Mr. Nikhil Suresh FIFA Chetana College
Ms. Shahana Khan Chess Patkar College
Mr. Kaushik Khatal Box Cricket Hyper city
Mr. Omkar Kadam Chess Cadence’15
Mr. Dhiraj Bagkar Box Cricket Hyper city
Mr. Omkar Kadam Box Cricket Hyper city
Mr. Dhiraj Bagkar Box Cricket Patkar College
Mr. Saahil Javkar    Table Tennis Cadence’15
Mr. Saahil Javkar Table Tennis Shikhar( Chetana College)
Mr. Saahil Javkar Table Tennis- Doubles Cadence’15
Mr. Omkar Kadam Chess Springz-15
Mr. Omkar Kadam Chess Shikhar( Chetana College)
Mr. Omkar Kadam Chess Shroff College
  Football Inter-Collegiate Competition at Lala Lajpatrai College, September 2014
An Intercollegiate football competition was organised by Lala Lajpatrai College wherein 12 colleges from across Mumbai participated. BMS and BMM students of Patkar-Varde College won the 1st Prize in the competition. A Trophy was awarded to the Team.
The students who participated in the winning team were:
Sr. No.
Dept and Class
1 Saurabh FYBMM
2 Aakash FYBMM
3 Ameya FYBMM
4 Rugved FYBMM
5 Girish FYBMS
6 Pranav FYBMS
7 Yogeshwar FYBMS
9 Abhishek FYBMS
10 Pratik FYBMM
11 Pankaj FYBMS
12 Alston FYBMS
  The Gymkhana activities for the year (2015-2016)

The Gymkhana commenced the activities for 2015-16 on July 1, 2015. Students were selected to represent the College at various events.

The following is a report of the participation and prizes won.
1. Chess Competition – The Inter-class Chess Competition was held between July 13 and 17, 2015. The results were:
Degree College:
BoysWinner:  Omkar Kadam, SYBAF
             Runner-up:  Sameer Jambavalikar, SYBBI

2. TABLE TENNIS COMPETITION Inter-class Table Tennis  Competition was held between July 13 and 17, 2015. The results were:
BOYS :   Winner:  Akash Pawaskar, F.Y.J.C. Commerce
              Runner-up: Nachiket Mangaonkar, F.Y.J.C. Science

3. CARROM Inter-class Carrom (Single and Double) Competition was held on November 23 and 24, 2015. The results were:
SINGLES (BOYS) :   Winner:  Prashant Borale, SYBCom.
                              Runner-up:  Omkar Chavan, SYBAF

DOUBLES (BOYS):   Winner:  Mallik Pritam Ganesh, FYBBI
                                                     Sameer Jamvalikar, SYBBI
                           Runner-up:  Prashant Borale, SYBCom.
                                                   Akshay Kale, SYBCom
SINGLES (BOYS) :   Winner:  Akash Kale,  S.Y.J.C. Arts
                              Runner-up:  Siddhesh Yadav, F.Y.J.C. Commerce

4) CHESS –Degree and Junior College Chess Teams participated in Inter-collegiate Chess Tournament II Zone, held at Dahanukar College, Vile Parle, and reached among the top ten teams of University of Mumbai. Omkar Kadam (SYBAF) was selected for University of Mumbai Chess Trial Selection. Also, the Junior College team participated in Inter-collegiate Chess Competition.

5) TABLE TENNIS – Junior College Boys’ and Girls’ teams participated in Borivali Taluka Tournament, held at Goregaon Sports Club. Our team won the Ist prize in Borivali Taluka. They also participated District Division Competition held at Panvel.
Akash Pawaskar (F.Y.J.C. Commerce) was selected for State Championship to be held at Pune Balewadi.
The Junior College Girls’ Team participated in Borivali Taluka and secured the Ist  place. They also got IInd place in District Competition. Sanjana Chaudhary (S.Y.J.C. Science) was selected for State Level Table Tennis Competition DSO.

KABBADI – Degree and Junior College Kabbadi Boys’ team participated in Inter-collegiate Kabbadi Tournament.

7. KHO-KHO – Junior College Kho-Kho team participated in Inter-collegiate DSO Kho-Kho Tournament. Both Girls’ and Boys’ teams secured Ist place in Borivali Taluka and were selected for District DSO Tournament held at Kandivali. They also participated in Division Kho-Kho Tournament held at Panvel.

8. MOUNTAINEERING – Siddhi Manerikar (SYBCom) participated in Artificial Rock Climbing and won the following prizes:

    1. May15 to 17, 2015 – Open National at Sikkim, won Gold Medal
    2. October 7 to 11, 2015 – Pune State Level Competition, won three Gold Medals in (a) Clead,  (b) Speed,  (c) Bouldering
    3. December 27 to 30, 2015 – National Level at Dehali, won Silver Medal in Lead.

 9)  CRICKET – Degree and Junior College Cricket Teams participated in Inter-collegiate Cricket tournaments. The Degree College team reached Quarter Finals in II Zone, University of Mumbai.
Also, the Junior College Cricket Team participated and reached the fourth round in C.K. Naidu Cricket Tournament. They participated in Mumbai Junior College Sports Association.

10) POWER LIFTING/ WEIGHT LIFTING – The Degree College Boys’ team participated in Inter-collegiate Weight Lifting/ Power Lifting Competition held at Mumbai. Akash Chorghe (FYBA) was the star performer. He won the following prizes:
i) Bronze Medal in University of Mumbai
ii) District Level Power Lifting Championship 2015 – Silver Medal   
iii) Maharashtra State Power Lifting Association Ministry of Youth Affairs, Govt. of India - Silver Medal
iv) Bench Press Open Power Lifting Championship Amateur Power Lifting Mumbai Suburban – Bronze Medal

11)  ATHLETICS –  The Degree and Junior College teams participated in Inter-collegiate Athletic Competitions.
Jaspreetkaur Saini (FYBA) won the following prizes:

  • Silver Medal at Mumbai Suburban District Athletic Association 400 mtr. Girls U/20) 
  • Bronze Medal at University of Mumbai Inter-collegiate Athletic Meet 2015 in 800 mtr
  • Bronze Medal at YMCA State Level Athletic Meet 400 mtr, and in 800 mtr. won the IIIrd place

         Rushikesh Bodke (S.Y.J.C. Commerce) participated in Junior Athletic Meet 2015, Pune State Level 800 mtr. He also participated in DSO Athletic Meet held at Kandivali and won the Ist place in Pole Vault.
Vinayak Karpe (F.Y.J.C. Commerce) participated in Marathon Athletic Meet (10 km) and won Bronze Medal. He also participated in Mumbai Police Sports Association State Level Athletic Meet 100 mtr Running, held at Palghar, and won the Ist place.

POLE VAULT – Rushikesh Bodake (S.Y.J.C. Commerce) participated in State Level 800 mtr Athletic Meet  2015-16, held at Pune. He also, participated in DSO Athletic Meet and won Ist place in Division. He was also selected for State Level Pole Volte Competition.

MARATHON – Vinayak Karpe (F.Y.J.C. Commerce) participated in Inter-collegiate Athletic Meet 10 km, and won Bronze Medal. He also participated in Mumbai Police Sports Association State Level 100 mtr Running Competition, and won Gold Medal.

12) CARROMJunior College students participated in Inter-collegiate Carrom Competition (DSO) held at Mulund. Siddhesh Yadav (F.Y.J.C. Commerce) was selected in DSO held at Alibag, and reached semi-final.

13) FOOTBALLThe Junior College Boys’ Team participated in Inter-collegiate DSO Football Tournament held at Thakur College.

14) WRESTLINGNavnath Burungale (FYBCom) participated in Inter-collegiate Wrestling Competition held at University of Mumbai and won Silver Medal. He also won Bronze Medal at Maharashtra Kesari Championship held at Nagpur between January 6 to 10, 2016.

15)  ANNUAL ATHLETIC MEETThe College Annual Athletic Meet was held on December 19, 2015, at Prabodhan Krida Kendra, Goregaon (W). Dr. Sharmishtha Matkar, Principal, was present to encourage the students. Various track and field events were organised. Medals and Certificates were awarded to the winners.

Based on their performance during the Athletics Meet, the following students were selected as the Best Athletes.
Degree College:
Male:  Winner: Rohit Bhere, SYBA                                       
Runner-up: Shamsundar Tiwari, SYBSc
Vijay Sawant, FYBSc 

Female: Winner: Saini Jaspreet Kaur, FYBA
Runner-up: Janhavi Shinde, FYBMS
Ayesha Malik, FYBCom
Halima Patel, FYBSc   

Junior College: 
Male:  Winner: Ketan Chavan, S.Y.J.C. Science
Runner-up: Vinit Mestry, S.Y.J.C. Arts

Female:  Winner: Harshita More, F.Y.J.C. Science
Runner-up: Pooja Kadam, S.Y.J.C.Commerce

16)  KARATE – Junior College students participated in Inter-collegiate Karate competition held at Kandivali and won the following prizes at the District Level:

  1. Mansi Rane, S.Y.J.C. Arts - Gold Medal
  2. Himangee Kavle, S.Y.J.C. Arts -  2 Silver Medals
  3. Aditi Kulkarni, F.Y.J.C. – 2 Silver Medals
  4. Mayur Pawar – 2 Silver Medals

17) TANG SOO DO – Himangee Kavle (Junior College) participated in Inter-collegiate Tang Soo Do Competition and won Gold Medal at District level and at Divisional level, 2 Silver Medals.

18) MALKHAMB – Harshita Parab (F.Y.J.C. Commerce) participated in State Level Malkhamb Competition held at Karmala (DSO), and won Bronze Medal.

19) BOXING – Yougandhar Tambat (F.Y.J.C. Science) participated in State Level Boxing Competition held at Bhandhara in December 2015, and won Bronze Medal.

21) ARCHERY – Abhijeet Patil (TYBA) participated in Inter-collegiate Archery Competition held at Dr. Ambedkar College, Wadala, and won Silver Medal in University of Mumbai.  He was also selected for All India Archery Competition, held at Patiala.
                     Tanishka Gujral (S.Y.J.C. Arts) participated in the competitions mentioned below:

  1. Field Archery Association of Maharashtra (U17/Girls) State Championship held at Hingoli, Maharashtra
  2. Single Spot – Bronze Medal (National Selection)
  3. DSO District Archery Championship (U19/Girls) held at Asmita School, Jogeshwari, on September 15, 2015 — IInd place
  4. District Archery Championship (Senior Girls) held at I-Land Sports Academy, Bhakti Park, Wadala, on September  19, 2015 – IIIrd place
  5. DSO Division Archery Championship held MET, Bandra – IInd place
  6. DSO District Archery Championship (U19 / Girls) held at SRPF Camp, Jogeshwari, on October 13, 2015 – Ist place
  7. DSO State Indoor Archery Championship (Team Event) — held at Dervan Sports Academy, Savarde, Chiplun, Ratnagiri – Silver Medal
  8. Junior Archery District Championship (U19/Girls) held at VPM Sports Club, Dahisar, on December 20, 2015 – IInd place
  9. Sub-Junior District Archery Championship (U17/Girls) held at VPM Sports Club, Dahisar, on December 20, 2015 – Ist place
    1. Maharashtra Archery Association Junior College Archery Championship (U/19) – State level tournament held at Pimpri Chinchwad Top 16 Elimination Round (January 2-4, 2016)
    2. State Participation
  10. Field Archery Single Spot on January 15, 2016 – Gold Medal
  11. Five Spot held at Asmita School, Jogeshwari – Gold Medal
  12. Overall – Gold Medal