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College Associations

The following staff members will look after the Associations mentioned below for the year 2017-18:
1. S.P.E.L.L. (English Literary Assn.) Ms. D. A. Mujumdar –  English
2. Hindi Sahitya Mandal         Dr. G. B. Sonkamble– Hindi
3. Marathi Bhasha Aani Sahitya Mandal Mr. R. B. Deogaodkar– Marathi 
4. Sanskrit Sahitya Mandal Dr. S. S. Parvate– Sanskrit
5. Nature Club Dr. T. J. Palathingal– Botany
6. Charvak Mandal Mr. S. G. Gangurde– Sociology
7. History Association

Dr. U. R. Vijailakshmi– History

8. Science Association  (Science Olympiad, quiz etc) Capt. N. S. Prabhu–Zoology
9. Sociology Association Ms. U. M. Nabar– Sociology
10. Commerce Association Ms. AmitaKoli – Commerce&
Ms. PrityAbhang–Commerce
11. Economics Association Dr. B. B. Suryavanshi– Economics
12. Political Science Students’ Association Mr. N. D. Kumbhar– Pol. Sci.
13. Mathematics Association Ms. A. S. Renapurkar– Mathematics
14. Psychology Association Dr. Z. R. Sethna– Psychology
15.   Chemspark Dr. A. S. Sawant– Chemistry
16.   Botanicum Dr. M. K. Kapoor– Botany&
Dr. S. Negi– Botany
17.   Physics Association Ms. S. A. Nirmal– Physics
18.  Zoonity (Zoology Association) Capt. N. S. Prabhu–Zoology &
Dr. S. A. Tawade– Zoology