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College Associations

The following staff members will look after the Associations mentioned below for the year 2018-19:
1. S.P.E.L.L. (English Literary Assn.) Ms. D. A. Mujumdar –  English
2. Hindi Sahitya Mandal         Dr. G. B. Sonkamble – Hindi
3. Marathi Bhasha Aani Sahitya Mandal Mr. R. B. Deogaodkar – Marathi 
4. Nature Club Dr. T. J. Palathingal – Botany
5. Charvak Mandal Mr. S. G. Gangurde – Sociology
6. History Association

Dr. U. R. Vijailakshmi – History

7. Science Association  (Science Olympiad, quiz etc.) Capt. N. S. Prabhu – Zoology
8. Sociology Association Ms. U. M. Nabar – Sociology
9. Commerce Association Mr. Mahesh Jadhav – Commerce&
Ms. Amita Koli – Commerce
10. Economics Association Mr. Santosh Keskar – Economics
11. Political Science Students’ Association Mr. N. D. Kumbhar – Pol. Sci.
12. Mathematics Association Ms. A. S. Renapurkar – Mathematics
13. Psychology Association Dr. Z. R. Sethna – Psychology
14.   Chemspark Dr. A. S. Sawant– Chemistry
15.   Botanicum Dr. T. J. Palathingal – Botany &
Dr. S. Negi – Botany
16.   Physics Association Ms. S. A. Nirmal – Physics
17.  Zoonity (Zoology Association) Capt. N. S. Prabhu – Zoology &
Dr. S. A. Tawade – Zoology