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KNOW-IT (Department of IT & CS)
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On September 24, 2016, the PG Departments of IT and CS organised an technical seminar in the series titled ‘KNOW-IT’. It was attended by 129 PG students, and 16 members of the Student Organising Committee. Over three sessions, the speakers spoke to the participants about the various aspects of IT and applied fields.

In the first session, Mr. Sanjeev Kamat, CIO, TJSB Bank, spoke on ‘Virtualization and Cloud Computing’. Mr. Kamat has 34 years of experience in data centre setup and its management, and explained these technical terms and their applications.

In the second session, Mr.Shakti Sharma, Research scholar, IITB, discussed ‘Advanced Image Processing: Satellite Imaging Prospective’. He explained the basic terminology of image processing, the techniques used in advanced image processing, and also shared his research experience on satellite image processing algorithms.

The third session was conducted by Mr. Devesh Rajadhyax, Founder and CEO, Cere Labs, who spoke on ‘Advanced Artificial Intelligence’. Mr. Rajadhyax has 30 years of experience in this field, and he discussed concepts with reference to case-studies which implemented artificial intelligence in an industry paradigm. He also discussed the availability of good projects and internships in this field. Students greatly benefited from this seminar.