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TechTalks (Department of IT)
Events » TechTalks (Department of IT)

On September 17, 2016, the Department of Information Technology (IT) organised a one-day event titled ‘TechTalks’ for its students.

TechTalks consisted of various events such as guest lecture, students’ presentations (on the topic ‘Rooting’), technical debate, and competitions that involved testing the participants’ knowledge of IT and logical capabilities through events such as ‘Don’t Miss the Clue’, ‘E-ideatic Memory’, ‘Crack it’ and ‘Bolt’.

Mr. Snehal Dhruve, CEO and founder, Superfan.ai, was invited to speak to students about ‘Artificial Intelligence’. Mr. Dhruve spoke about Chat Bots, and how they can be used as a Fan Management tool. He explained how Artificial Intelligence can help in creating an efficient relation between fans and celebrities using these Bots. Mr. Dhruve also discussed how they implemented Chat Bots for movies like ‘FLYING JAAT’ and ‘FREAKY ALI’, and the concept of Natural Language Processing.

The students of the Department participated enthusiastically in the events and also learnt a lot.