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Department of Information Technology (IT)
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On June 10, 2016, the Department of IT arranged a Project Demo for TY students of the Department. The session aimed to provide students with guidelines for the development of academic projects.

The following students from the previous year’s TY batch conducted the session and demonstrated their own projects:

Project Topic
Keval Mule
Chatra Prabodhan
Era Patil
Sps-Smart Parking System
Vaibhav Pednekar
Graphical Database System
Sarthak Tandon           
Speech Synthesize & Recognize
Rachamalla Francis
Microprocessor 8085 Simulator

They also shared their experience of developing the applications/websites. They spoke about the various languages, technologies and tools which can be used for developing projects and shared tips on how to prepare for, and face, the final project viva.

At the end of the session, guidelines about project documentation were given by faculty member Ms. Aditi Chikhalikar.