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S.P.E.L.L. (Society for the Promotion of English Language and Literature)
Events » S.P.E.L.L. (Society for the Promotion of English Language and Literature)
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The literary association of the Department of English, S.P.E.L.L., organised several activities for its students during the academic year 2014-15.

Orientation:  An Orientation of the TY students was organised by the Department on June 10, 2014. The new batch was acquainted with the Syllabus, methods of teaching-learning and various activities planned for the year by the Department. They were also made aware of the career opportunities that were available to them after their graduation.

Alumni Get-together: On Saturday, July 19, 2014, the Department of English organised a get-together for its alumni. Nearly 30 former students of the Department attended the event.
The event was organised because there was a persistent demand for it from the alumni. As most of them keep in touch with each other and their teachers on an individual basis through emails and chats, they all also wanted to meet each other and relive old times.

The event was organised at Rasoi Banquets, Malad (W). Alumni were received by the current TY students and office bearers of the Department Association. There was a lot of laughter and friendly teasing as alumni reminisced about their College life. They all promised to continue the association with the Department, and to help in any way possible.
Visit to Bookstores & Food Trail: On Sunday, July 20, 2014, the Department of English organised an excursion to student-friendly bookshops in the City, and also a Food Trail, for its TY students, who were accompanied by two teachers, Mrs. Deepti Mujumdar and Dr. Gautami Ambiye.
Students were taken to Strand Book Stall and Kitab Khana, both located at Fort. In both these places, students spent a considerable time happily browsing through the titles available. As both Strand and Kitab Khana offer discounts exceeding 20% on each purchase, students also made several purchases.
As an allied activity, students were also taken on a Food Trail. The group had breakfast at the iconic Irani restaurant Kyani & Co., established in 1904. Students interviewed the manager and also took several pictures of the eatery. Lunch was at Bade Miyan Restaurant at Fort, which was followed by dessert at the New Kulfi Centre at Chowpatty. The final stop was Candies at Bandra, near Lilavati Hospital, where the group had coffee and snacks. The Food Trail was an effort to put students in touch with the traditional culture and food of Mumbai (Persian, Mughlai, and Catholic). This was the first of its kind activity organised by the Department.
Freshers’ Party: In accordance with the Anti-Ragging Regulations issued by the University of Mumbai, a Freshers' Party was organised by the Department of English for its First Year English Literature students on August 2, 2014. The F. Y. students had a gala time, dancing, singing and making merry with their seniors. It was not all fun and games only, however, as the senior students, especially those from the T. Y., spoke to the juniors and shared their experiences in the Department. Students from the previous batch Ms. Nazia Hurzook and Mr. Viral Nandu were also present. They made the new students acquainted with the Department activities.

Fund-Raising & Collection of Stationery Items: The Department of English believes in  discharging its social responsibility. In keeping with this spirit, the Department collected stationery worth Rs. 12,000/- as voluntary contribution from students and teachers of the College. The stationery was donated to AngelXpress, an NGO working for the education of under-privileged children. The Department wishes to make this an annual activity.

Guest Lecture &  Felicitation:  On September 6, 2014, the Department organized a lecture by Dr. Gauri Mahulikar, Head, Department of Sanskrit, University of Mumbai, on ‘Devi: Myth and Symbolism’.

The function began with a traditional ‘gondhal’ by the students of the College. Dr. Mahulikar's lecture was a lucid account of the various myths and symbols associated with the Goddess. Her lecture was followed by an interactive session with the audience, which consisted of staff and students of the College, as well as the teachers and students of Sathaye College, and Ruparel College.

On this occasion, the Department's high-achieving students were also felicitated. Mr. Rohan Menon of T. Y. and Ms. Shaguftaa Sehar of S.Y. were felicitated for scoring the highest marks in English in the year-end examinations of the previous academic year. Ms. Yashashree Sanap and Ms. Neha Mhatre, who made us proud by scoring a distinction in the T. Y. B. A. examination of May 2014, were also felicitated. Two students of the Department, Mr. Viral Nandu and Mr. Sitaram Sable,  who completed their graduation battling against all odds, were also honoured.

Screening of films:  As part of the syllabus of T. Y. B. A. English Literature (Paper IV), students study Othello, a play by Shakespeare.The BBC adaptation of this play was screened for the students, to enable them to see the play in performance. Also, the students of S.Y.B.A. study Pather Panchali. The film by Satyajit Ray, based on the novel, was screened for them.

Wallpaper:  The Wallpaper of the Department, A BIT OF LITT, was continued this year too, with students contributing enthusiastically to it. The students came up with creative ideas and themes for the Wallpaper.

National Seminar:  The Department organised a UGC-sponsored two-day National Seminar on “Humour: Texts & Contexts”, on February 6 and 7, 2015.

The Seminar was unique in that it sought to study humour and its applications in an academic setting, an enterprise that has never been attempted in Mumbai before.

Over two days and 11 sessions, an attempt was made to theorise humour and examine its myriad applications in fields as diverse as films, advertising, therapy and business. In addition to paper readings and MS PowerPoint presentations, there was an exploration of the expression of Hasya Rasa through Bharatanatyam (by Ms. Sandhya Damle and her troupe), and a session on the use of puppets to create humour that would cross language barriers (by Ms. Usha Venkatraman).

University Programme:  The Departments of English and Sanskrit, University of Mumbai, had arranged a programme on February 26, 2015, titled “Meera & Me”. Internationally-famed singer Ms. Sanjeevani Bhelande spoke about her interpretation of Meera and her divine love for Krishna. She also sang a few songs from her recently released bilingual (Hindi & English) album, “Meera & Me”. This was followed by an interactive session. 14 students from the Department accompanied Mrs. Mujumdar and Dr. Ambiye to this programme.

Awards:  Mrs. Deepti Mujumdar, Head, Department of English was awarded “Bharat Gaurav” Award for excellence in teaching by IIFS, New Delhi, in a function held on November 24, 2014, at International Convention Centre, New Delhi.

Mr. Millind Seth (T.Y.B.A.) won Third prize in the Inter-collegiate Book Review competition organised by J.M. Patel College, Goregaon.

Mr. Rohan Menon (T.Y.B.A.) won the Inter-class Chess tournament in the College. He also represented the College at the University level Chess competition. Mr. Rohan also topped S.Y.B.A. class in the year-end examination of the previous year.

Farewell Party: A Farewell Party for the T.Y.B.A. class was organised in the last week of March 2015.

Faculty members of the Department contributed actively in the various administrative duties of the College, attended seminars, conferences and also faculty improvement programmes.