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Safety and Security
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The College takes the issue of safety and security of its Staff and Students very seriously. The following measures have been implemented to this end:

• Private Security Agency
The College Management have appointed a private security agency, with both male and female staff, who are present on Campus round-the-clock. All entrances to the College are secured, and no unauthorised persons are allowed entry into the College premises. Visitors are allowed only after signing in to the Visitors’ Register; they are issued slips stating the name of the College Staff Member they wish to see, and have to get the signature of the person concerned on the slip, which is to be returned to the security personnel upon leaving the premises. Also, security personnel are stationed at various locations within the Campus at all times.

• CCTV Cameras
CCTV Cameras have been installed at various locations on Campus, and the output is continuously monitored.

• Public Address System
There is a Public Address System installed, which can be used in times of emergency to issue important notifications.

• MagicInfo Boards
Two MagicInfo Boards have been installed – one at the College entrance, and one on the first floor of the Main Building, to provide important information to Staff and Students.