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Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR):

The College is firmly rooted in the Community of which it is a part, and believes in working for the society in a variety to ways. This is the ISR of the Institution, which we take very seriously.

The following are some of the ISR activities undertaken by the College:

School-College Complex Activity and Jidnyasa: The College hosts the School-College Complex Activity for school students who are preparing for the ‘Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Examination’, also known as ‘Junior Scientists’Examination’. This is an examination conducted by Mumbai Science Teachers Association (MSTA) to encourage school students to take keen interest in different branches of science and its application in daily life. Exams are conducted for students of  classes VI and IX in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and General Awareness as the primary subjects. There are Written Test, Practical Work and Project work.

School-College Complex Activityprovides students with the hands on experience for the Science Practicals related to the syllabus of Homi Bhabha Examination. The Departments of Botany, Chemistry, Physics and Zoology participate in this Activity. The practice was initiated in 2000-2001by the then Head of the Department of English.

As an extension of this activity, the Science Departments of the College SF courses conduct a similar programme, Jidnyasa, for the students and teachers of classes VIII, IX and X from the neighbouring schools. Students attend lectures and demonstrations on topics like Hardware and Networking, Software Programming, Graphics, Telecommunication, DNA extraction, Plant tissue culture, Genetic Engineering, aircraft simulations of the taking off, cruising and landing procedures, etc. This activity is designed to give students a awareness of the new career options available.

Blood Donation: Every year the NSS unit of our College conducts Blood Donation Drive in association with reputable Blood Banks. The donors are issued Donors’ cards. Students, on a personal level, are always ready to donate blood whenever the need arises. The blood donation drive is also accompanied by thalassemia check-up of all those who register for the same. Over 150 units of blood are collected every year.

Netizen: “Skillful Netizen – make your life easier” is a programme designed by the Departments of Information Technology and Computer Science for senior citizens and house wives. Also, a special batch for 14 Junior College teachers was conducted. The programme was started in 2014-15. The motto of this programme is to make senior citizens and house wives computer- and Internet-literate,so that they can very easily perform simple tasks such as browsing the Internet, chatting, searching, sending emails, booking tickets, and net banking. With use of computer and Internet their life will be made easier. The course is divided into four modules, namely, Introduction to Computer, Introduction to Document formats (Notepad, MS Word, MS PowerPoint), Introduction to Internet, and Email and Online transactions. In 2016-17, the programme was held between April 10 and 24, 2017, and the total number of participants were 17.

E-waste Bin: An E-waste collection bin, set up by the College in association with EcoReco Recycling Company(in 2015-16) near the College entrance, ensures the proper disposal and recycling of electronic items.

‘Your Belief, Students’ Relief’ (YBSR) Scheme: Since the last five years, the YBSR scheme is being implemented by Chikitsak Samuha, the governing body of the College. Under this scheme applications are invited from students belonging to EBC category (Aided and Self-Financed sections); they are then selected to receive monetary help from the Institution. In addition to this, students from neighbouring schools are also offered help under this scheme. So far, 1134 students have been offered monetary help.

PATKARE: PATKARE is a drive for social development conducted by the College Self-Financed courses, initiated in 2013-14. The mission of PATKARE is to provide support in cash and kind to NGOs working diligently to improve the lives of the underprivileged. The fund is generated through voluntary contributions from students and staff of Self-Financed courses. In 2016-17, food worth approximately Rs. 63,000/- was provided to underprivileged visually-impaired people, in association with Unite Blind Uplift Trust, Kandivali (W), a unit of Being Sevak Charitable Trust, as part of their Annapurna Programme. Each person was given 5 kg each of wheat flour and rice, 2 kg sugar, 1 lt oil, and 1 packet of mixed spices.

Daan Utsav: A beautification drive of railway stations, under the banner ‘Hamara Station Hamari Shaan’ was organised by the College SF Departments, in association with Revolunteer and M.A.D. Foundation, on October 7, 2016.