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  Central Library
The College Library houses an extensive collection of books and journals to support the teaching, research and extension activities of the College by providing students and staff with information and documentary resources and services relevant to their needs.
The infrastructure of the College aims to provide students with the optimum learning environment.
The collection of the College Library includes material in English, Marathi, Hindi and Sanskrit in the following form:
  Books and Monographs
  Indian & foreign Journals
  Newspapers and magazines
  Pamphlets, brochures
  Annual reports of Government agencies
  Selective collection of teaching aids, CD ROMS, Maps etc.
  OP AC (Online Public Access Catalog) Service
 Reading room facilities for 7-10 hours on all weekdays (excluding holidays)
  Students Orientation program
  Inter-library loan service
  Bibliographic service
  Fact-finding and literature search
  Reference and referral service
  Book Bank Scheme
  Braille material for visually-challenged students
The Library undertakes many activities for the benefit of economically-challenged students. For instance, it runs a Book Bank Scheme for such students. In addition, a separate reading room is made available up to 11.00 p.m. for the use of such students before and during examinations.
   Saraswati Poojan & Book Exhibition
Each year, the goddess of learing, Saraswati, is worshipped in the Library.

As part of the College commitment towards the betterment of the community at large, the Library hosts a Book Exhibition each year, to showcase its new acquisitions and also the rare books in its collection. This Exhibition is open to staff, students, and outside public.

The LIBSYS software has been installed for the automation of Library functions. This has increased efficiency and provided ease of reference.

  Library Advisory Committee
The Library Advisory Committee comprises a Chairperson and three teachers as members. The Committee meetings are held once in a term, i.e. twice in an academic year. The Committee works for various issues like approval of budget, suggestions for purchasing reading and other material, and considers suggestions for the better functioning of the library.