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The College has an efficient internal co-ordinating and monitoring mechanism.
The College is governed by the Chikitsak Samuha, an organisation registered with the Charity Commissioner and is governed by its bye-laws. The Chikitsak Samuha has a Managing Committee which meets once a month. The Principal of the College is a permanent invitee at these meetings.
Chikitsak Samuha's Management Members (2015-2016)
Shri. Kishor Vinayak Rangnekar President
Shri. Dattatray Sakharam Aajgaonkar Vice - President
Dr. Gurunath Vasudeo Pandit Jt. Secretary
Shri. Girish Ravindra Amonkar (C.A.) Jt. Secretary
Prof. Prakash Janardan Joshi Jt. Treasurer
Shri Rajesh V. Desai Jt. Treasurer
Shri. Dinanath G. Wagle Member
Dr. Kiran Vishnu Mangaonkar Member
Shri. Ramakant Vasant Pinge Member
Shri Pradeep Shanu Pai Vaidya Member
Shri. Shashikant Mangesh Gholkar Member
Dr. Chandrakant J. Karande Member
Local Managing Committee (2015-2016)
Shri Kishore V. Rangnekar Chairman
Dr. G. V. Pandit Member of Management
Shri. P. S. Pai- Vaidya Member of Management
Dr. Kiran Mangaonkar Member of Management
Maj. (Dr.) Rahul R. Wagh Member, Teaching Staff
Dr. (Mrs.) Usha Vijailakshmi Member, Teaching Staff
Mr. Udayraj L. Gamare Member, Teaching Staff
Mr. Dattatray K. Koli Member, Non-Teaching Staff
Dr. (Mrs.) S. L. Matkar Principal & Secretary
This Committee meets once in a term and supervises the income and expenditure accounts of the College, prepares the annual budgets of the College. Also the teacher representatives prepare the academic time-table of the College.