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"Reaccredited with 'A+ Grade' by NAAC(3rd Cycle), with an institutional score of 3.53, ISO 9001-2015,Best College 2016-17,Approved For DBT STAR COLLEGE SHCEME"

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The College has an efficient internal co-ordinating and monitoring mechanism.

The College is governed by the Chikitsak Samuha, an organisation registered with the Charity Commissioner and is governed by its bye-laws. The Chikitsak Samuha has a Managing Committee which meets once a month. The Principal of the College is a permanent invitee at these meetings.

Managing Committee Members, Chikitsak Samuha (2017-2018)

Shri. Kishor Vinayak Rangnekar       President
Shri. Rajesh Vasudev Desai Vice-President
Dr. Gurunath Vasudeo Pandit Secretary
Shri. Girish Ravindra Amonkar (C.A.)   Treasurer 
Dr. Kiran Vishnu Mangaonkar  Member
Shri. Dinanath Ganpat Wagle    Member
Dr. Chandrakant J. Karande  Member
Shri. Jaywant Prabhakar Patki Member
Dr. T. A. Shiware  Invitee
Dr. B. P. Sabale  Invitee
Dr. S. S. Mantha  Invitee

In keeping with the Maharashtra Public Universities Act, 2016, published in the Maharashtra Government Gazette of January 11, 2017, the College Development Committee (2017-18) has been instituted as follows:

College Development Committee

Kishore V. Rangnekar Chairperson of the Management
Dr. Gurunath V. Pandit Secretary of the Management
Mr. Nivrutti D. Kumbhar HoD Representative, nominated by Principal
Mr. Giridhar S. Shetty Teachers' Representative
Dr. (Mrs.) Usha R. Vijailakshmi Teachers' Representative
Mr. Sachin S. Bhagat Teachers' Representative
Mr. Anil K. Tawade Non-Teaching Staff Representative
Mr. Shriram S. Dandekar Expert from Industry
Dr. Sharad V. Maduskar Expert from Education & Alumnus
Dr. Suman S. Pawar Researcher
Mr. Sameer Desai Social Worker
Mrs. Deepti A. Mujumdar Co-ordinator, Internal Quality Assurance Committee
—* President, Students' Council
—* Secretary, Students' Council
Dr. (Mrs.) Sharmishtha L. Matkar Secretary

* These names shall be added after the elections for the Students’ Council are held. Circular from the University of Mumbai is awaited in this regard.