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Principal's Desk

PRINCIPAL - Dr. (Mrs.) Sharmishtha L. Matkar

If you look at any kind of modern organization and you think, 'What are the foremost tools of power?', you will find that it is information. - Ricardo Semler

In today’s world, for any kind of organisation to succeed, the give and take of information is imperative. Unless the Stakeholders know everything that they need to know about the organisation, they will not be able to make informed choices about it. At the same time, the organisation needs to know their views to be able to improve itself.

Believing firmly in this, our College has always attempted to disseminate information to its various Stakeholders. The College Website, due to its maximum outreach, has always been the premier tool to facilitate this give and take of information. I am happy to present the revamped Website to our Stakeholders.I would like to approach this Website as our window to the virtual world where we not only connect with the netizens, but also find other avenues of interactions with one another.

Our effort to constantly improve itself has led to the College undergoing various Quality Audits throughout 2016-17. Among these was the University-level Academic Audit, which I am happy to say we passed with flying colours. Academic year 2017-18 also promises to be eventful in its own way with the College going in for the third cycle of re-accreditation, on September 22 and 23, 2017.

Such a massive exercise is never a single-handed job. We are lucky to have a supportive Management and devoted Staff who have worked hard to achieve these targets. It has been an uphill task preparing these Reports, but our dedicated Staff have risen to the challenge. They have spared no efforts in the collection and processing of information, and I am sure all the efforts will translate into a good grade for the College.

The never-say-die attitude of our Staff is what has made our College a premier educational institution in the Western suburbs over the last five decades. We have never been afraid of facing new challenges, and I am confident that we will be able to find smart solutions to create a healthy and academically vibrantCampus. Changes in syllabus and examination pattern will not be a hurdle, but will become the stepping-stones to greater successes, as we understand that change is the only constant thing. I am sure that our Teachers will become instrumental in accessing the untapped potential of our Students, and will encourage them to become productive and successful citizens of the nation and the world.