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  Workshops / Seminars  
  COMPEER (Departments of IT & Comp. Sci.)

Three technical workshops, “COMPEER”, were organized by MSc students of the Departments of Information Technology (IT) and Computer Science (CS) for IT and CS students as part of Peer-to-Peer Learning.

ComPEER: Come, Learn & Explore
Topics not included in the syllabus were selected, such as MongoDB, AngularJS, R-Programming. This enabled the students to enhance their knowledge for projects as also for career options. Twenty two PG students planned and prepared the content under the guidance of Ms. Nivedita Munj, Faculty of B.Sc. IT and Mr. Arun Dalvi, Co-ordinator, MSc IT & CS. Forty students attended the workshops.

Date & Time



26th February , 2016

 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

  • MongoDB

26th February , 2016

12:30 PM – 2:30 PM

  • AngularJS

29th February , 2016

8:00 AM – 02:00 PM

  • R Programming


Resource Persons: Krupa Bhavsar, Prajakta Gokhale, Prachi Chavan, Priyanka Bhor, Sneha Talele, Shraddha Pitale, Dipti More, Shekhar Maurya
The workshop started with a general overview of MongoDB given by Mr. Shekher, where various features & specifications like Content Management System, Differentiation between SQL and MongoDB were explained to the participants. The practical session was handled by Ms. Krupa Bhavsar and Ms. Prachi Chavan. Participants were introduced to the basic Queries of MongoDB, and modules like creating database, tables, inserting data into collection, selecting query from collection, updating and removing a doc, removing table, i.e collection. After completing these modules, a small assignment was given to participants. Finally, a demonstration of Java database connection with MongoDb was given by Ms. Prachi Chavan.  The session ended with pros and cons of the MongoDB Technology and discussing the leading users of MongoDB (NOKIA, GOOGLE, VERIZONA).

Angular JS

Resource Persons: Charmee Gadoya, ShrutikaVaghmare, AshleshKadam, Ganesh Jadhav, Forum Patel, Sayli Parab, Puspendra Gawde, Shreyas Desai
The workshop began with an overview of AngularJS, why it is used, and how to download AngularJS url link from angularjs.org website. The core directives of AngularJS for creating basic application in AngularJS were explained by Ms. Charmee. A demonstration of basic applications in AngularJS using Sublime text editor was given to the participants to make them comfortable with environment. Then Ms. Shrutika demonstrated MVC file format structure of AngularJS application. Concepts like Expressions, Applications, Modules, Controllers, Validations, CSS, and Directives were also explained.

R Programming

Resource Persons: Rahul Vishwakarma and Rehana Shaikh, Swetha Yadhava, Chayan Bhattacharjee, Mohsin Khan and Karishma Jain.
Mr. Rahul Vishwakarma and Ms. Rehana Shaikh started workshop by giving a brief introduction to the R Programming language and also told how to download R software, and how to use it. The topics covered in the session were different types of command, objects such as matrix, vector, array, how to create graphs used in R. “Wordcloud” the Data Mining application was explained to the participants. The participants were also given the opportunity to perform the codes.

Each workshop ended with session for solving doubts. The participants appreciated the workshops highly. Certificates were distributed by Vice Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Mala Kharkar.
  Horizon+ (Departments of IT & Comp. Sci.)

“Horizon+” is a series of workshops organized by Departments of Information Technology (IT) and Computer Science (CS) to keep abreast of new technologies. TY students of both the Departments instruct the SY students in these technologies and show them how to implement them.
The workshop covered various technologies like Joomla, HTML5, Angular JS, MongoDB, Unity5, Crystal Report, Website Builder and Unity 5


Date & Time


2nd  January , 2016
8:00 AM – 02:00 PM

  • HTML 5 & Angular JS
  • MongoDB
  • Unity 5

9th January , 2016
8:00 AM – 02:00 PM

  • Crystal report
  • Joomla
  • Website Builder

HTML 5 & Angular JS

  • Resource Persons:  Adarsh Pal, Aishwarya Pai, Keval Mule, Prathamesh Joshi, Vaibhav Mirjolkar, Vaibhav Pednekar

This workshop was divided into two topics, HTML 5 & AngularJS. The workshop started with a general overview of the HTML5. Adarsh Pal discussed various features and specifications of HTML 5, JavaScript, difference between HTML and HTML5, new elements in HTML5, HTML5 API’s, elements removed and changed in HTML 5 with live demos. Aishwarya Pai and Keval Mule discussed Angular JS and dealt with such aspects as introduction to AngularJS, and MVC architecture used in AngularJS. Concepts like Expressions, Applications, Modules, Controllers, Validations, CSS, and Directives were also explained.


  • Resource Persons: Sarthak Tandon, Mohit Mendon,  Vinda Rawool

The workshop started with the general overview of MongoDB discussing various features and specifications. The participants were given hands-on training about the various queries in MongoDB. This was followed by the implementation of MongoDB into Java Programs.

Unity 5

  • Resource Persons: Aditya Pandit, Francis Reddy

The workshop started with introduction to Unity 5. Participants were asked to play and observe the game “Brick-Out”, created by the resource persons for demonstration, on their PCs. The resource persons then interacted with the students, asking about the elements observed in the game. This was followed by a brief introduction of the Unity 5 software, and participants were made aware of the roles of Game Artist, Designer and Programmer. After the basics of the software were clear, there was a demonstration of the project. Concepts like Game Objects, Assets, Materials, Scenes, Prefabs, and Scripts were explained.
Crystal Report

  • Resource Persons: Yash Katigar, Sana Shaikh

The workshop started with an overview of Crystal Report. Yash Katigar explained how the big organizations and also small businesses implement and use the Reports for business decisions and growth. The official video by SAP Company as “Success for Crystal Report” was also screened.
Before starting with the actual implementation of Crystal Report in VS 2010, some basic concepts of .NET Framework and C# language were explained. Also, ADO.NET architecture, how to create a project and add an .aspx file in VS 2010 , how to add a Database, Dataset , how to drag and drop the Crystal Report Viewer onto the .aspx page, were explained.

  • Resource Persons: Keval Mule, Puja Nagpure, Prathamesh Joshi

The workshop began with an overview of Joomla. Prathamesh Joshi explained the current statistics of Joomla with the help of a video, the concept behind Joomla, i.e., content management system. For better understanding, he screened a video that explained CMS in detail. The workshop proceeded with the practical session, which was handled by Keval Mule and Puja Nagpure. First, participants were introduced to the official website of Joomla and were shown how to log in using either joomla.com or SiteGround. Students then told to login to joomla.com with the id and password issued to them. After logging in, concepts such as dashboard and admin panel/control panel (cPanel), adding and editing an article, adding Menus, Submenus and Search Module, and creating Login Form, Registered users, External Links, Templates were explained. A demonstration of offline procedure was also given.

Website Builder
Resource Persons: Akshay Rahatwal, Adnan Shaikh, Akshay Pitale, Parag Yelonde
The workshop began with an overview of Responsive website building. Akshay Rahatwal explained the difference between a normal website and responsive website, the concept behind Mobirise website builder, i.e., Drag and Drop responsive website builder. This was followed by a practical session. First, participants were introduced to the official website of Mobirise i.e. http://www.mobirise.net by Adnan Shaikh. Then Akshay Rahatwal and Parag Yelonde explained different components of Mobirise website builder, such as Header, Navigation Bar, Footer, Slider, Parallax, and Gallery, and also demonstrated adding Header, Footer, Menus, Submenus, Social Sharing Tab, as well as creating Login Form, Slider, and Gallery.



  Microsoft Cyber Security Certification (Departments of IT & Comp. Sci.)

The Departments of Information Technology and Computer Science conducted 16-hours workshop on Microsoft Cyber Security Certification, on December 26 & 27, and 30 & 31, 2015. The participants were 62 TY students of the Departments.

The sessions were conducted by Mr. Jai Choudary (on December 26 and 27, 2015) and Mr. Nishant Sharma (on December 30 and 31, 2015). Various topics relating to cyber security, such as types of hackers, SQL injection, Google hacking, Stegnography, nmap, zenmap tools, penetration testing steps, mobile hacking, wifi hacking, and system hacking, were discussed.
The workshop was completed successfully and the certification exam of this course was conducted on January 28, 2016.

   Skillful Netizen (Departments of IT & Comp. Sci.)

“Skillful Netizen – Make Your Life Easier” is a programme designed by the Departments of Information Technology and Computer Science for senior citizens and housewives. The motto of this programme is to make senior citizens and housewives computer- and Internet-literate to enable them to perform simple tasks like browsing the Internet, chatting, searching, sending emails, booking tickets, and net-banking very easily.

The course is divided into four modules: Introduction to Computer, Introduction to Document formats (Notepad, MS Word, MS PowerPoint), Introduction to Internet and Email, and Online transactions.

During the academic year 2014-15, four batches of 10 days each had been conducted for senior citizens and housewives. Around 68 people participated in these batches and benefited from the programme.

The fifth batch of the programme was conducted for Teaching Staff (Junior College Faculty Members, Self-Financed section), between October 5 and 10, 2015. There were 14 participants. The batch was conducted by Ms. Renuka Shetty, Mr. Sameer Kamble, Ms. Kajal Singh, Ms. Namarata Kawale, Ms. Ameeta Rawool, and Ms. Mokshita Shetty.

In the sixth batch, conducted between November 17 and 28, 2015, there were 17 participants. This batch was conducted by Ms. Mokshita Shetty, Mr. Sameer Kamble, Ms. Nivedita Munj, Ms. Aditi Chikhalikar, Mr. Nilesh Dalvi, and Ms. Mansi Karnik. On last day of this session, Management Members were present to handover the certificates to participants.

In their feedback, participants consistently expressed their excitement and confidence at now being able to do basic computer-related tasks on their own.
  Faculty Development Programme (Departments of Comp. Sci.)

The Department of Computer Science organised a three-day (6 hours) Faculty Development Programme on ‘Introduction to Python Programming’, from November 17 through 19, 2015. The resource persons were Ms. Manali Patil and Ms. Ramya Nair.
The following were the participants:

  1. Dr. (Mrs.) Mala Kharkar, Vice-Principal (NAC)
  2. Prof. Nilesh Dalvi, HOD of CS Department
  3. Ms. Mokshita Shetty, HOD of IT Department
  4. Ms. Sneha Jaid, CS Department
  5. Ms. Renuka Shetty, IT Department
  6. Ms. Kajal Singh, IT Department
  7. Ms. Gunjan Agrawal, IT Department
  8. Ms. Ameeta Raul, IT Department
  9. Ms. Aditi Chikhlikar, IT Department
  10. Ms. Mansi Karnik, IT Department
  11. Ms. Nivedita Munj, IT Department
  12. Mr. Sameer Kamble, IT Department
  13. Ms. Namrata Kawale, IT Department

The programme aimed to introduce the newly-added programming language, Python. Participants were introduced to the basics of Python. Various concepts such aData, Data Types, Variables and their declaration, Operations on Data such as assignment, arithmetic, features of Python, basic syntax, writing and executing simple programmes, Conditional Statements, Looping, Control Statements, String Manipulation Manipulating Collections such as Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries, Functions, Modules, and basic GUI Programmes were also discussed.


  Android App Development Program (Departments of IT & Comp. Sci.)

On November 2 and 7, 2015, the Departments of IT and CS conducted a workshop on ‘Android App Development Program’. This workshop was conducted by faculty members Mr. Nilesh Dalvi and Mrs. Nivedita Munj, and TY IT students Mr. Adnan Shaikh and Mr. Akshay Rahathwal, and was attended by six students:

  1. Mr. Viraj Satish Sawant
  2. Mr. Prasad Mali
  3. Mr. Devendra Mangesh Mapuskar
  4. Mr.Nikhil Narayan Sawant
  5. Mrs. Sanchita Sachin Khandamale
  6. Mr. Pranay Suresh Ghanekar

The Workshop aimed to provided guidelines on development of Android apps. On November 2, 2015, the participants were given an introduction to the Android architecture, and this was followed by building the first application and elaborating on the use of DDMS, AVD, etc. The Workshop also covered various concepts such as Activity & Intents, User interface with Menus, Layouts & Views, Animation & Media, and Data Persistence. At the end of every session there was a revision of the topics discussed.

On November 7, 2015, the participants were asked to create Android apps of their choice. They took up the task enthusiastically and designed very attractive apps. The workshop ended with the distribution of certificates of participation by Vice Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Mala Kharkar.
  Career Guidance in IT (Departments of IT)

On September 8, 2015, the Department of IT invited Mr. Devendra Nene and his team to speak to its TY students about ‘Career Guidance in IT’.

Mr. Nene started the session with the importance of starting early in life. He also discussed the input-output cycle of life. He emphasized on making efforts in the right direction to ensure maximum success. He explained the difference between career and job.
The session was full of examples and highly interactive.  It focused on how to improve yourself so as to increase your acceptability in the industry. Students benefited greatly from the session.  

  Web Development (Departments of IT)

On September 7, 2015, the Department of IT hosted a session on ‘Web Development’ for the students of Junior College. The speakers were Dr. (Mrs.) Mala Kharkar and Mr. Sameer B Kamble.

The session began with and introduction of the Internet by Mr. Kamble, who went on to speak of web browsers, webpages, website and types of websites. He also demonstrated the creation of a simple webpage using Notepad, and showed how to use Dreamweaver for creating interactive webpages. Dr. (Mrs.) Mala Kharkar talked about the importance of web designing, and web development, and also discussed career opportunities in the field.
  Web Designing Technology (Departments of Comp. Sci.)
On September 4, 2015, the Department of Computer Science (CS) conducted a seminar on ‘Web Designing Technology’ for its FY and SY students. The speaker was Mr. Anuj Meharshri from Havock Industry. The seminar was attended by 81 students.

Mr. Meharshri spoke to students about the various programming languages available, the wide exposure available in fields such as software, training, graphic designing, animation, creative concepts, digital marketing, and web strategy, as well as how students could use creativity to inspire and empower themselves. Mr. Meharshri went on to discuss knowledge representation and industry requirements. In addition, he provided a short introduction to Java, C++ and .net.

Students enjoyed the seminar greatly and also benefited from it.

  TCS Orientation (Departments of IT)

On September 2, 2015, the Department of IT conducted an orientation programme for its students. The speaker was Mr. Abhijeet, from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

Mr. Abhijeet spoke to the audience, comprising mainly students, about TCS and the various programmes currently underway with them. As project manager for the project named ‘The Weave’, Mr. Abhijeet explained to students the process of project development. ‘The Weave’ is a platform where contractors can liaise directly with the manufacturers of handloom sarees, and thus offer them better prices for their goods. This offers both buyers and sellers multiple options and an opportunity to make the best deals.

Mr. Abhijeet also spoke about other upcoming projects in the company. Showcasing the company as a good place to work, he assured students that their talents would be appreciated and appropriately rewarded in TCS. He also spoke about the interview process and ended his lecture with a display of the various testimonials of TCS employees.

  KNOW - IT(Departments of IT and Comp. Sci.)

On September 1, 2015, the M.Sc. Departments of IT and CS organised a one-day Seminar titled ‘Know-IT’. The objective of this Seminar was to create awareness amongst the UG and PG students, about the current trends in technology.

This One-Day seminar was divided into FOUR interactive sessions, comprising different areas related to latest trends in technology.

A short summary of all the sessions is as given below:

Session 1: Internet of Things (IoT): What-Why-How
Speaker: Mr. Sachin Pukale (Machine Pulse, Mumbai)
Mr. Sachin Pukale started the session with the discussion of the evolution of internet, and went on to introduce the audience to the concept of IoT. He explained the system components of IoT, and such concepts as the relation of and the effect of upcoming trends in technology like big data and cloud computing with/ on IoT with examples. Mr. Pukale concluded the session by discussing the challenges facing IoT.

Session 2: Enterprise Mobility - What & How?
Speaker: Ms. Vaishali Kulkarni (IGATE, Navi Mumbai)
Ms. Vaishali Kulkarni started the session by introducing the concept of enterprise mobility. Later she provided an overview of the all-pervasiveness of cell phones in business organizations as they leverage the developments in the Mobile Phone space to conduct activties. She also explained the technical architecture for enterprise mobility.

Session 3: Embedded Systems - Development Strategies.
Speaker:  Dr. Y. S. Rao (S. P. College of Engineering, Mumbai)
Dr. Y. S. Rao began with a discussion of the concept, advent and history of embedded systems. He spoke on roles of software and hardware in a system and significance and implications of software/ hardware partition. Other topics discussed were market value of embedded systems, real time operating systems. Later he introduced the ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) processors to the audience. He also discussed the architecture of ARM processors and ARM family.

Session 4: Big Data - Complex vs Complicated
Speaker:  Mr. Shivkumar Pal (Zetta Data, Mumbai)
Mr. Pal started the session by introducing the concept of big data to the audience. He then discussed why big data is said to be complex and complicated, and how capturing, storing and analyzing big data is different from normal data. He later focused on opportunities, technical challenges, and future of big data. 

In the run-up to this Seminar, a poster-competition was B.Sc. IT and CS students on  August 26, 2015.  The theme for the competition was “INNOVATE INDIA — Developing India the Technology Way”. A total of 50 teams (74 students) participated in this competition, which was judged by Dr. (Mrs.) Mala Kharkar, Vice principal Self-financed Departments, Mr. B. M. Rai, Co-ordinator BBI and BMM, and Mr. Parulekar, DVAC.

The winners of the Competition were announced on September 1, 2015.

Rank Participant 1 Participant 2 Class
1st Samruddhi Sogam Priyanka Patil FY B.Sc. IT
2nd Snehal Kotian Sonal Kadam SY B.Sc. IT
3rd Divya Hatkar ------------- FY B.Sc. IT

  Career Guidance in IT (Departments of IT)

On August 25, 2015, the Department of Information Technology organised a lecture on ‘Career Guidance in IT’ for its SY students. The speakers were Mr. Devendra Nene and his team from NIIT.

The speakers spoke about how to select careers not just to make money, but also to enjoy their work. If they were unable to love their work, their performance would suffer. They proved their point by citing examples from the lives of great personalities, who had loved their work and had therefore excelled in it. This, according to the speakers, was the real secret of success.

  "Secrets of Success" and "Exploring Web Designing Technologies" (Departments of IT)

The Department of IT conducted two lectures for its students in August 2015. The following is a brief report:

  • On August 13, 2015, Mr. Devendra Nene spoke to students about the ‘Secrets of Success’. He elaborated on five secrets:
    • Patience and investment
    • Starting life early
    • Success and failure
    • Input and output
    • Difference between job and career
  • On August 14, 2015, Mr. Bilawal Siddiqui and Mr. Anuj Mehrishi were invited to speak about ‘Exploring Web Designing Technologies’. Mr. Siddiqui started the session and spoke about the concept of creativity, the myths about creativity, and about thinking out of the box. Mr. Anuj Mehrishi followed this session up by speaking about the concept of designing and developing websites. He also demonstrated these concepts and spoke about CodeEdge and its modules.

Students greatly enjoyed both the lectures and benefited from the speakers’ expertise.

  Idiosyncrasies of the Colossus: Information Technology and Improving Listening Habits (Departments of IT)

On July 25, 2015, Mr. Mandar Galwankar was invited to speak to TY students of the Department on the topics of “Idiosyncrasies of the Colossus: Information Technology” and “Improving Listening Habits”.

In the first session, Mr. Galwankar explained how the IT industry has come to resemble a Colossus (a gigantic statue). Discussing the various features of the IT industry, such as, an industry leading to sustainability, transparency, and better operational efficiency, Mr. Galwankar also spoke about types of IT companies, types of projects, career options and the most buzzing technologies in the industry. He also provided students with tips on writing résumés, and spoke about his experiences in the industry. 

In the second session, Mr. Galwankar explained the importance of curious and attentive ‘listening’. He also explained the various types of listening and ways to improve one’s listening habits with apt examples.

  Introduction to Programming using SCRATCH (Departments of Comp. Sci.)

The Department of Computer Science (CS) conducted two workshops on ‘Introduction to Programming using SCRATCH’. The workshops were held on July 24 (for 36 FY students) and July 27 (for 47 SY students), 2015.

The resource person for both was Mr. Nilesh Dalvi, Co-ordinator (BSc CS) and Lecturer in the College. He discussed the basics of SCRATCH programming and its environment. He also spoke about the advantages of using SCRATCH in an educational setting, reviewed the features and functions of the SCRATCH interface, and explained how to program using the SCRATCH software application.

Students enjoyed the session by implementing their ideas, and programming for small games. He also shared an online community, https://scratch.mit.edu, where students can share their work, animated stories, and games.

   Soft Skills (Departments of Comp. Sci.)

On July 24, 2015, an introductory session on ‘Soft Skills’ was conducted for TY students of the Department. The session was attended by 36 students.

The speaker was Mr. Sarang Yande, Founder and Lead Trainer at Will n Skill Scope. He has also worked for super brands like Star Cruises, Convergys, and Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts in last 14 years.

Mr. Yande discussed aspects such as group discussions, personal interview techniques, creative problem-solving, decision-making (using statistical tools), resume-building, making creative and effective PPTs, and team-building.

The session was highly interactive and students enjoyed themselves while learning a lot.
   Android App Development (Departments of IT)

The Department of Information Technology (IT) organised a two-day Workshop on ‘Android App Development’ for its TY students, on July 23 and 27, 2015. The aim was to provide students with guidelines on how to develop Android apps while making projects. Nearly 72 students attended the Workshop.

The resource persons were Mr. Nilesh Dalvi (faculty member, Department of Computer Science) and Ms. Nivedita Munj (faculty member, Department of IT).

The Workshop was divided into two parts. In the first half, students were given an introduction to the Android operating system and its architecture. The tools required for creating Android apps and how to use them, were also discussed.

In the second half of the Workshop, students were shown how to create an app for ‘Login’. The components required for app development, such as Activity, Intent, and layout, were also discussed.

Both the sessions were interactive and students learnt a lot over the two days.

   Android App Development (Departments of Comp. Sci.)

On July 23, 2015, the Department of Computer Science (CS) conducted an Android App Development Workshop for its TY students. The aim of the Workshop was to encourage students to consider mobile application development as a career-enhancement tool.

Faculty members Mr. Nilesh Dalvi (CS) and Ms. Nivedita Munj (Information Technology), and student volunteers Adnan Shaikh, Akshay Rahathwal, Vaibhav Mirjolkar, Surendra Kadam, Aakash Maurya, and Hemanshu Karvir, were the resource persons.

The Workshop started with an introduction to Android and its architecture, followed by building the first application and elaborating the use of DDMS, AVD, etc. Various concepts such as Activity & Intents, User interface with Layouts & Views were also covered. In addition, the Android Development Kit (using the Java programming language) required for developing applications, and the softwares required for app development (such as Eclipse Juno, ADT and Java 1.7), were also discussed.

The Workshop was attended by about 39 students and was highly appreciated.
   Soft Skills (Department of IT)

On July 23, 2015, the Department of IT conducted an introductory session on “Soft Skills” for its TY students. The speaker was Mr. Sarang Yande of ‘Will n Skills Training Consultants’.

Mr. Yande spoke to the students about the importance of self-presentation and body language at job interviews, and the overall impact of professional skills at the work place. Using apt examples, Mr. Yande conveyed his ideas to the students and gave them an insight into the content of the “Soft Skills Training Course” that was planned for TY students of the Department. This course would be conducted by ‘Will n Skills Training Consultants’.

   Exam Preparation and Career Guidance (Departments of IT)

On July 22, 2015, the Department of Information Technology (IT) organized a lecture on ‘Exam Preparation and Career Guidance’ for its TY students. The speaker was Mr. Arun Dalvi, Co-ordinator for M.Sc. IT and Computer Science (CS) in the College.

The lecture aimed to guide students to prepare for the University Examinations. Mr. Dalvi spoke about the way students should approach and prepare for the exams, as also provided them with tips for writing the papers.

Mr. Dalvi also spoke about  the courses that were available to students after TY B.Sc. IT, like M.Sc. IT and CS, MCA, and some international certifications. In addition, he also discussed career opportunities available after B.Sc. IT.

Students enjoyed the lecture greatly and participated enthusiastically in the discussion that followed.

   Project Guidance (Departments of Comp. Sci.)

The Department of Computer Science (CS) organised two seminars in July for its TY students, to facilitate the generation of project ideas.

  • On July 11, 2015, Mr. Arjun Jindam was invited to speak on the topic ‘Guidelines on Selecting Project Ideas’. About 36 students attended.
  • Mr. Jindam works as ASP.NET Developer at Nightbuilds Technolgy, and has previously worked on various national and international projects with mobile and web technologies. He discussed the following issues during his talk:

      • Areas for project development (mobile and website development)
      • Different stages in module development and tackling obstacles
      • Modern databases and their structures
  • On July 13, 2015, Mr. Pankaj Choukekar was invited to speak on the topic ‘Project Topic Selection’. The seminar was attended by 38 students.
  • Mr. Choukekar is an ASP.NET Developer in OSP Lab. He also works on PHP. He spoke to students about the following topics:

      • Two areas for project development (mobile and website development)
      • Client Side and Server Side Languages
      • Cloud Computing
      • Offline Storage
      • Project Modules
      • Preparation for Interview
Students found the seminars very useful.

   Project Guidance and Demonstration (Departments of IT)

Two seminars were organised on ‘Project Guidance and Demonstration’ for about 120 TY students of the Department.

  • In the first seminar, on June 30, 2015, Mrs. Mansi Karnik and Ms. Nivedita Munj, faculty members of the Department began the discussion by talking about issues such as
    • How to find project topic
    • How to write synopsis
    • How to make documentation
    • Allocation of Marks

    This discussion was continued by project demonstration by the resource persons, who were alumni of the Department: Ms. Nasreen Gani,  Ms. Priyanka Prajapati, Mr. Ketan Nimkar and Mr. Irfan Shaikh. They also spoke on demonstrating at the time of examinations.
  • In the second seminar, on July 3, 2015, the resource persons for the Seminar were alumni of the Department: Mr. Chayan Bhattachary, Ms. Priyanka Prajapati, Ms. Struti Nair and Mr. Sumit Shetty.

  • The seminar began with a general discussion by Ms. Shruti Nair on live and demo projects. This was continued by Mr. Chayan Bhattachary, Ms. Priyanka Prajapati, Ms. Struti Nair, Mr. Sumit Shetty.

The alumni also answered the questions of students and shared their experience of project development.