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Enhancement of Teaching-Learning Process:

The IQAC regularly forwards proposals to the College Management to enhance the quality of the Teaching-Learning process. Some of the proposals implemented are:

 • WiFi: The WiFi facility has been operational since October 2013 and is currently available to all Staff members. There are plans to soon extend the facility to students as well.

• Library Automation: The College Library has installed the LIBSYS LIBRARY SOFTWARE PACKAGE, developed by the Infotek Consultant Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. Library functions such as, Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation and OPAC are carried out with the help of LIBSYS software.

• Virtual Labs: An MoU was signed with IIT Bombay Virtual Labs on March 7, 2016,for establishing a Virtual Labs nodal centre.Three workshops on ‘Virtual Lab’ were organized by the Department of Biotechnology for their FY, SY and TY students at Virtual Lab Nodal Centre (VLNC), and workshops werealso organized for SYBSc Biotechnology students of Bhavans College, MVLU College and Ismail Yusuf College.

• Installation of DLPs in classrooms: In 2014-15, a proposalto install DLPs in classrooms was forwarded. Working in a phased manner, by 2016-17, DLPs were installed in all the classrooms. An ICT Committee has been constituted to ensure the proper maintenance of these systems.

• Renovation of Laboratories: A proposal for the renovation of Science Laboratories was forwarded in 2013-14. The Laboratories were renovated as follows:

· The Physics Laboratory in 2013-4, and a Networking Laboratory created.

· The Biology Laboratories in 2015-16, withmonetary help provided by the local MLA, Shri. Gajanan Kirtikar. 

· The Chemistry Laboratories in 2016-17

· The Computer Laboratory for Science and Commerce Students at the beginning of 2017-18.