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"Reaccredited with 'A+ Grade' by NAAC(3rd Cycle), with an institutional score of 3.53" 

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IQAC Activity Report 2018-19


The members of the IQAC for the academic year 2018-2019 were: 


•   Dr. Sharmishtha Matkar — Chairperson 

•   Dr. Ramesh Yamgar—Co-ordinator 

•   Dr. Shailesh Tawade — Co-coordinator 

•   Mr. Santosh Gangurde — Co-coordinator 

•   Dr. Gautam Sonkamble— Member

•   Dr. Gautami Ambiye—Member 

•   Dr. Sushmita Negi —Member (NIRF Co-ordinator)

•   Mr. Santosh Keskar—Member (Development Index)

•   Dr. Bhushan Mulgaonkar—Member (Academic Research Co-ordinator)

•   Ms. Swati Takkar—Member (Self-Financed Courses)

•   Ms. Seema Rangari —Member (Librarian)

•   Ms. Mrunal Penta—Member (Administrative Staff Representative)

•   Shri. Kishor Masurkar —Member (Industry Representative)

•   Dr. S. M. Karbelkar —Member (Stakeholder Representative)

•   Mr. Sankalp Bandekar— Member (Student Representative)

•   Shri. Rajiv Desai —Special Invitee (Management Member)

IQAC engaged in several quality enhancement and sustenance measures over the academic year. To put these measures in place, the Committee met regularly for discussion and brainstorming.  Although the IVth Cycle of NAAC Reaccreditation is at least 3 years away, IQAC has already begun its preparations.

The following is a brief report of the activities of IQAC over 2018-19:


•   In its very first meeting for the year, the Committee resolved to put before the College Management the proposal for acquiring autonomy. Also, the seven Criteria of AQAR and SSR were distributed among the Members, and each was delegated the responsibility of formulating strategies to enhance the weightage for each metric, and of implementing the strategies recommended.

•   In subsequent meetings, Members of the Committee presented the perspective plans for the Criteria, debated the best ways to achieve the desired outcomes, and made suggestions for new processes to be implemented. They also prepared implementation plans for the effective  execution of the perspective plans. As a result of these rigorous discussions, a clarity about the overall functioning of IQAC was achieved.

•   It was decided that all the College Committees and Associations would be divided under the seven Criteria according to their relevance, and that these Committees and Associations would report to the Criterion In-charge specified. This would not only make it easier for each Criterion In-charge to oversee the working of these Committees and Associations, but would also facilitate reporting.

•   In the last meeting of the year, Dr. Shirish Chindhade, an expert on the NAAC assessment and accreditation process, was invited to guide the Members for making the IQAC more vibrant. The session was extremely thought-provoking, and Members were able to acquire some very good ideas for the next year.


Lectures, Seminars and Workshops:

IQAC conducted several lectures, seminars and workshops over the year, independently and in association with Departments and Associations. Some of these events were designed with a view to enhance the efficiency of the Staff; others were on topics of social relevance.

•   On March 11 and 13, 2019, training sessions on PFMS and Vriddhi Software were conducted for all Teaching and Administrative Staff Members.

•   A lecture on “Streamlining the Administrative and Financial System of College/ Trust” was organised on March 22, 2019. The speaker was CA Dr. M. S. Jadhav, an expert on the subject.

•   On March 30, 2019, two lectures were organised. Dr. Manjusha S. Molawane, former Joint Director, University of Mumbai, spoke to the Staff on “Enhancing the Efficiency of Administrative Staff”. In the second, Ms. Keyya Mukherjee, Office Superintendent, Maniben Nanavati Women’s College, spoke to Staff on “Effective Administration and Record Management with New NAAC Perspective”.

•   Three lectures were organised in association with the Committees responsible for arranging Memorial Lectures (organised to honour the memory of former Staff Members):

✦   On March 18, 2019, a lecture on climate change, “Time To Be an Earth Saviour”, was organised as part of the lecture series in memory of Prof. A. N. Kothare (the first Principal of the College). The speaker was Dr. Parvish Pandya.

✦    On March 23, 2019, a lecture on “Personality Development and Career” was organised for BCom Students. The speaker was Mr. Kedar Bhogate, Faculty Member and Director, Maharashtra Academy, Dadar (W).

✦    On February 15, 2019, a lecture on “Environmental Law and Policy” was arranged. The speaker was Ms. Aditi Sawant, an expert in this field.

•   As a feather in its cap, in association with the four Science Departments — Botany, Chemistry, Physics and Zoology — IQAC organised an International Conferenceon “Challenges in Environmental Management”, on January 24, 2019. It was a grand success and there was overwhelming response from Teachers, Students, and Researchers from other colleges.


Other Initiatives:

IQAC undertook several other initiatives during 2018-19:

•   The College applied for NIRF for the first time this year.

•   The College applied for RUSA and acquired the grant. All allied activities such as the digital launch on February 3, 2019, of the E-Cell and Skill Hub Centre by Hon. Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi, were carried out. This event was attended by all the College Management Committee Members, along with Hon. Minister of State for Labour and Child Development, Women Development, Smt. Vidya Thakur, Municipal Corporator Hon. Shri. Deepak Thakur,  and Hon. Shri. Jaiprakash Thakur, and other Stakeholders of the College such as Staff, Students Parents and Alumni.

•   IQAC also submitted proposals for grants under CPE and UGC.