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Best Practices


InstitutionalSocialResponsibility - ISR



Holistic growth ofStudents
Students’sensitization towards theneedysection ofthesociety
ISR helps in inclusive growth. It sensitizes students towards theunderprivileged section of society, and inculcates social-emotional feel and socialresponsibility.


ISRwas introducedatcollegelevel in 2019-20,forfirstyearstudentsofallstreams.Minor projects of social relevance of 60 hours are allocated. Efforts are made to incorporate NGOsdedicated to specific cause and students are given opportunity to work with them.Thepracticecontributes towardsholisticandmultidisciplinary growth of students.


Evidenceof Success

Projects completed in the area of education, health-hygiene, COVID-19 awareness.
Workshop on Disaster Preparedness, participation -663 students; and ‘Stress Management’ participation - 994 students
Collaborationwith NGO -Aakansha, Bhoomi, Swabhiman, Rotract Club, Revoluters Foundation.
Over 900 students completed ISR.


Pandemic imposed restrictions on movements
Conducting ISR workshops on online platform
Time constraint with demanding academic schedule


Title of the Practice

The Shades of Innovation: “Veglya Vaata” (Intra collegiate Video Making Project)


Objectives of the Practice

Help students discover their hidden talent and passion, and extend platform to convert the same to their career
Prepare students forTalent based Self Entrepreneurship
The Context

“Shades of Innovations - “Veglya Vaata” is an activity initiated to unleash the brighter side of students. A College level practice adopted in association with present and past students -alumni- helps to discover, sharpen, and share with mass, the hidden talents, skill and passion in form of videos.

The Practice


The practice is unique in itself as the success stories, journey, and the struggles to realize their dream is shared by the youth, the upcoming artists, creators, dancers, painters, social workers, and influencer. It is shared on social media through You Tube Channel of Patkar-Varde College.

Popularly known as “Veglya Vata: Shades of Innovations”, the practice is open to allthe innovativestudentstoshowcasetheirlivetalenttotheworldin the form of “Videos”.



Evidence of Success

Exclusive success stories of 15 students and alumni of different departments of Patkar-Varde College are shared in form of Videos made during the pandemic affected academic year of 2020-21.


Student’s hesitation at initial level to come up and share their talents on a bigger social platform.