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In keeping with the tradition of the strong research culture of the College, two of our faculty members have registered and published patents, as under:

03 Patents filed by Dr. Ramesh Yamgar, Department of Chemistry

•   One pot Green method for the preparation of 4-[2-[(4-Methoxyphenyl)-1-Methylpropyl)Amino]Ethyl]-1,2; Date of application: 07/03/2016 (2016-21007810); Date of publication: 08/07/2016

•  A method for preservation of salad by incorporation Chitosan nanoparticles; Date of application: 01/02/2016 (2016-21007080); Date of publication: 01/04/2016

•   A method for Biosynthesis of Monodispersed spherical silver nanoparticles (AGNPS) by using aqueous bioreactants from Withania Somnifera; Date of application: 06/03/2014 (764/Mum/2014A)


1 . Patent filed by Dr. Gautam Zodape, Department of Zoology

•   Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil Composition; Date of application: 28/03/2014(765/ MUM/ 2014)


Dr. Gautam Zodape

06 Gen Bank submitted to National Centre for Bio Informatics (NCBI) for DNA Barcodes by Dr. Gautam Zodape, Head, Department of Zoology

•      Parapenaeopsis sculptillis (GenBank accession MT1_ KT898913) NCBI BLASTn- KP072694

•      Parapenaeopsis hardwikii  (GenBank accession MT2 _KT898914)NCBIBLASTn- GU183782

•      Exhippolysmata ensirostris  (GenBank accession  TM1_NC290216)  tBLASTx- KC962212

•      Solenocera crassicornis (GenBank accession TM2_NC210316A )  tBLASTx- KR261594

•       Palaemon  carinicauda  (GenBank accession TM4_NC230216B )  tBLASTx- HM180579

•      Tapes belcheri  (GenBank accession TM8_NC290216 )  tBLASTx- HM124601