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"Reaccredited with 'A+ Grade' by NAAC(3rd Cycle), with an institutional score of 3.53" 

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Well-known in the western suburbs of Mumbai since its establishment in 1964, Patkar-Varde College has constantly provided quality teaching aimed at enhancing Students' academic and life skills. By working continuously towards advanced goals, we have been able to to provide Students with the state-of-the-art facilities. In 2018, following the NAAC Accreditation with a score of 3.53, the College was conferred with Academic Autonomy, which was implemented in 2019-20.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’

— Nelson Mandela


As an academician with more than three decades of teaching experience, I feel proud to say that my Alma Mater, ChikitsakSamuhas Patkar-Varde College has grown since its inception in 1964 to a full-fledged autonomous college with an A+ grade and a score of 3.53 in the third cycle of NAAC(2017-18).


The College focuses on the holistic enrichment of Students and all Stakeholders and seeks to enable them to become productive members of a harmonious global community. Our team of competent teachers synergises the teaching-learning process to produce a generation of well-informed individuals with a positive attitude towards life.


The College focuses not only on academics but also provides Students withopportunities to explore their potential to the fullest in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. Workshops, seminars, STPs and webinars are regular conducted for systematic academic and character development, and for enhancing the confidence of Students.The funds received from funding agencies such as RUSA,DBT,and DST are also utilised for the betterment of the Students and the community at large.


It will be my endeavour, along with the Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff, to provide the best resources to the Students and also to offer more skill-based and entrepreneurial skills to enhance their employability and to make them self-reliant

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