Enhances Students Employability

Excelent Practical Training

Intensive Theoretical Study

Sophisticated Equipment And Research

Learn From Eminent Industry Professionals

Teaches Professional Ethics

The Programme seeks to enhance students' employability in multiple sectors such as Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and chemical industries. Students will be provided with excellent practical and industrial training. Students' soft skills such as professional skills, attitude and team work will also be enhanced. The Course is for 2 year fulltime. It is divided into 4 Semesters. The course covers In the first semester the course will include Pharmaceutical chemistry, Analytical instrumentation, Microbiological Practices and Importance and Indian Perspectives of Regulatory Bodies.
The course aims to provide an advanced understanding of the core principles and topics of Biochemistry and their experimental basis, and to enable students to acquire a specialised knowledge and understanding of the enzyme kinetics. The course aims is not only the continuation study of basic principles of organic chemistry, but it will also provide the important topics in Organic chemistry functional groups including (aromatic compounds, phenols, carboxylic acids and its derivatives, aldehydes & ketones, amines, and malonic ester synthesis). In Pharmacology It will help to understand the basic concepts in pharmacology and the pharmacological basis of therapeutics. To introduce students to the core principles of drug action in terms of bioavailability, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and mechanism of action of drugs in the treatment of diseases. It will also introduce students to understanding drug efficacy, side effects, toxicities, drug interactions and special emphasis on dosage concerns in special populations such as the young, pregnant women and in the elders. At the end of the course students will Understand the principles of various fields of chemistry and biology (organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, genetics, metabolism, and molecular biology). Develop as independent thinkers who are responsible for their own learning.
The objectives of this course is to Introduce to regulatory requirements clinical studies and also learn about the intellectual property rights The emphasis is made on the role of the Regulatory requirements in pharmaceutical industries. It also emphasis on the different phases of clinical trials and also on the Pharmacovigilance. The outcome is as follow Understanding of the key principles involved in Regulatory and clinical studies Explain the principles of Regulatory and clinical studies and its application in a variety of Pharmaceutical industry.Suggest appropriate laws and guidelines used in the industry. The students will be learning about Advance Analytical Instruments with 21 CFR Compliance The objectives of this course is to Introductory principles of analysis, like NMR.LCMS, X-Ray Absorption, Diffraction The main emphasis is on practical quantitative analysis using a range of different techniques.

Features of the Course
  • Include Essential Practical And Industrial Training
  • Opportunities In Pharmaceutical,Cosmetic and Chemical Industries.
  • Placement assistance for career advancement
  • Understanding Core Principles And Topics of Biochemistry
  • Knowledge And Understanding Of Enzyme Kinetics
  • Intensive Theoretical Study And Research
  • Practical Training Using Sophisticated Equipment
  • Establishing a Vital Link Between Academia And Industry
  • Boosts professional skills

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