About Industry Advisory Board (IAB) for SAP Course:

The Industry Advisory Board (IAB) for SAP course is a select group of representatives from industry, who would provide guidance on academic issues, current trends and future directions. IAB would serve to provide direct linkage and communication between the SAP course activities and the industry. Board members will serve as ambassadors for the course externally and are integral to forging alliances between the Department and Industry. Board members will participate in the SAP course related Department/Institute activities such as mentoring students, judging competitions and identifying speakers for various events, and provide opportunities for both students and faculty such as internships, facility tours and research grants. The IAB is a valuable resource for the Department in strategic planning and program development while also providing the Department with futuristic industry perspectives.

IAB Mission:
The mission of the Board isto guide and support the future of the course in accomplishments of Vision and Mission of the Department and its goal.

Role of IAB:
Through individual and corporate efforts as well as its network of contacts the IAB is expected to:

1. Guide and support the future of the course, advising the Program Coordinator from the perspective of industry and assist us to achieve the vision of the Department;
2. Act as a link between the program and its industrial and professional partners, providing an opportunity for communication of current and future industry and professional needs;
3. Help keep our educational programs relevant, and promoting continuously improving deeper involvement with the Industry through:

  • Review and evaluation of strategic goals, plans, and new initiatives
  • Real-world input for the program's curriculum, educational objectives and learning outcomes;
  • Helping set up industry supported state-of-the-art laboratories;
  • Association with Professional Bodies and

4. Act as an advisory group on specific academic, applied research, service activities and resource issues;
5. Help the program to secure Industrial Consultancy and grow in Sponsored Research.

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